An Interview with Kraig Marshall

Interview & Illustrations by Madeleine Bliss, velvety_lungs

Kraig Marshall is the frontman, guitarist, creator, and czar of the rock band State of Revolution. Most of kraigmarshall's journal entries document the struggles and rewards of his musical journey and the wacky world inside his head. I interviewed Kraig about State of Revolution's up coming album Wild Hearts. Collapse )


Robert wringham is the editor of the New Escapologist. He is besides that a journalist, a librarian and sometimes a comedian. I thought it would be nice to get to know this guy a bit more and since he have let me contribute to his Zine it was a sure thing that I would interview him. Read the interview below!

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LJ interview with Lord Whimsy

Illustration by silenceinspades

Perhaps one of the better dressed livejournal personalities, Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy has collected several of his delightful essays and managed to have them published, courtsey of Bloomsbury. The satorial sage was kind enough to answer a few questions about his beautiful green tome, and take off his hat for some serious discussion about life and writing.

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Lj interview: Dzima

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Dzima is another "LJ star" that have a few albums released over at his blog. Interesting glitchmusic shares space with John Lennon covers made in a reggae style. This is the interview to get to know more about him. As all LJ-interviews are supposed to do.
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