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cap_scaleman interview 1/10/06. [Feb. 18th, 2006|11:44 am]
livejournal interviews


cap_scaleman interview.

cap_scaleman is from sweden. often when i'm looking at his livejournal though, i forget this and begin to believe he is from an entirely different planet. he just posted his new album 'do you mindfuck?' over the weekend
(download here). i asked him some questions, he answered them, but most importantly he proved he knows who the fuck frank zappa is.

SilenceinSpades: Both your music and your visual art seem to be based in collage. The visual mixes mediums and subject matter while the songs mix genres and sounds. Do you approach them both the same way? How do you decide whether an idea is going to be explored through music or a picture?

Cap_Scaleman: Yes, they are indeed based in collages. But when it comes
to the idea state I often work completely different.
Well, who knows, I can explain anyhow.

In music I often tend to start with lyrics, a drumbeat or having almost an entire song imagined in front of me. Then when it comes to perform it all I realise that I don't really have the skills yet but I try anyhow and it ends up being an entirely different song compared to the idea! Sometimes I get inspired by the way someone else is working too and build on that onwards. When it comes to the art I often like to work fast, I like to cut and I like to puzzle it together. So instead of like in the musical spectra where it basically isn't me "cutting it all up" with my sort of "punkyness", it is the opposite here. I have complete control of it and often gets it the way I want it to be.
But well, in a sense it is the all same cut up 'n' rebuild method I have used for quite some time, at least in the music.

SiS: On your new album your lyrics are both in English and Swedish. Though it fits in with the sound really well I'm wondering why you decided to mix the two languages.

CS: Ah yes, the first album I ever have given to someone who I don't know personally. Now, why mixing both English and Swedish songs on the same record? You see french, german, spanish and who knows are very popular "second languages".
But Swedish languaged music is quite rare outside Sweden and I like to write silly lyrics in swedish too. At times I feel less serious when writing English because no one of my friends wont understand the direct meaning of it and therefor tend to not be so silly when writing in swedish, but I am trying to learn myself to not think of it.

SiS: How did you first get into recording music? Was there a particular artist or band that inspired you to get involved in writing and recording?

CS: In the beginning it was CHAOS!.... Not really, in the beginning it was Frank Zappa and Aphex Twin. Atleast when it came to inspire me to make my first album, filled with ugly dance tracks, "Revolutionary evolution with a broken dance machine" with the name "Dr_grogg".

But before that I remember that I enjoyed recording on the computer's "Soundrecorder" most of them have with a cheap mic. I often recorded with my cousin and we use to speed it up or down and listen to it. In school they had the same program too so it became quite popular to record something on it. Most of the stuff will be long lost because of the teachers going mad and deleting it about every term. Though a lot of it was interesting, but cheap, types of experiments anyway. I used to hang around at the computer that had been used the most and listen to them back and forth. Speeding them up and down. Start recording something entirely new in the middle of an original recording just for fun or so.

SiS: Do you think there are major differences between sharing your art through LiveJournal and through other internet sites, such as myspace, forums, or internet labels?

CS: Hmmm, yes, I believe so, on LiveJournal you always get to decide what you can show. At forums you often have to stay "on subject" or something like that. I haven't really thought of it really. But I think you got more control on LiveJournal. I mean at forums there is moderaters all over most of the time but here YOU are the moderater AND the user at the same time which gives you the ability to decide exactly to offer. You're your own boss!

SiS: Do you really want to go to Brazil?

CS: Schwa? Well, I would like to visit any country at all. But I picked Brazil, if you are talking about the little "suite" on my latest album "Do you mindfuck?" because of the talk-collage before it which is from a discussion between me and a friend about Brazil which was a thing we had to do in school. As often when he and I speak we drift on discussing about music. Something he said he doesn't wanna hear of now.... Discussion about music that is. But now, if I want to go to Brazil? Yes, if I would be able to find records with Marcos Valle.

SiS: Do you consider the music that you make 'art'? Do you just view it as a hobby? In other words, what would you like to be when you grow up?

CS: Hah, ofcourse it is art or well, atleast it is "arty". But I would perhaps not really be able to view it as a hobby, maybe a second job if I can't be able to atleast make some kind of living on the music which I do really want to do. Even if it will be hard. Hah! Seriously though, I dunno what I would like to do for a living otherwise.

SiS: You release your music under the name 'Don Claude', is this a developed persona? Is there a noticeable difference between the characters of Cap Scaleman and Don Claude?

CS: Well, not really. Cap_Scaleman comes from a name I use in a swedish community for "alternative" teenagers which is "Kapten_Skalman" which sort of means "Captain_scaleman" and that is where it comes from. But there is no difference. I don't like to play with my personality since it seem to be split with the occasional teenage confusement as it is already.

On the name Don Claude I thought it sounded good. I mean the "Don" is an italian part and Claude is the french part. But I got to learn later that a "Claude" known in french terms is a old man aged 60 or more who is really low-cultured and would probably go "WHO THE FUCK IS FRANK ZAPPA????". I on the other hand still in my teens, have quite a nice self gathered cultural capital and know who Frank Zappa is.