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Lj interview: Mikael

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Mikael is a friend(or is he?) and another art dude!

A sample of his growing collection of art:

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The interview:

Cap_Scaleman: For how long have you made art?

Mikael: Since kindergarten.
Well, I started regarding it as "art" a year or two ago, but I've been drawing for a long time.

CS: In which way is your art important to you? Is there a kind of "wierd/outspaced" connection
between you and your drawings?

M: My drawings, or any other type of art I do, are ventilations of feelings and dreams/fantasies that
needs to get out of my brain (so it won't explode)

CS: Where do you get your inspiration from?

M: Well, I get a lot of mental images from certain songs, and whilst my style has been affected
by numerous artists I've seen images of throughout the years I'm never really aware of that
until someone points the similarities out. I guess they're mental images, that are affected by
by surroundings in various ways (that my subconsious takes in).

CS: Do you hate people?

M: Er, that'd be a pretty wide generalization. No, I can't possibly say I hate people.

CS: Do you find that some people does not understand your art or are your paintings just plain art
without no actual intentions?

M: Well, sure, but you'll find that everywhere. Different tastes and such.
And when it comes to intentions, well, my art doesn't carry thoughts, it carries emotions.

CS: What do you think is the next thing in the artworld?

M: I don't know, and I don't care.

CS: If you got to choose between a DaDa-Esque work and a David Shrigley-Esque work. Which one
would you prefer?

M: Shrigley, I guess.

CS: Do you try and find inspiration from different cultures?

M: No.

CS: Would you care if every culture would clog into one whole or would you like to keep
the cultural diversity?

M: There are bad/good sides of everything, but a world where there's only a single big
culture would be fucking boring. On the other hand, I guess there wouldn't be as many
racist-related problems, or sexist/racist actions comitted under the guise of culture.

CS: Have you done anything in flash?

M: Yes.

CS: What kind of flash animators do you like?

M: The David Firth-type.

CS: Do you think Flash opened up the possibilites to get the cartoon movie making into the bedroom and
making it more DIY?

M: Well, I guess, but it also lowered the standards.

CS: Thank you for this interview?

M: NO, go to hell.

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