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Patrick May interview

My netpal Patrick May has been making midi music and a comic on the net for a while.

Here is the link to his homepage:

Here is the interview.

Cap_Scaleman: For how long have you made music?

Patrick May: I've been making music since about March 2004. It all started when a guy
I was talking to a lot at the time gave me a midi sequencing program to
play with.

CS: If someone asked you to make a soundtrack to a kidsshow with puppets, would you accept it?

PM: Absolutely. It'd be a good chance to get a job in music.

CS: What music do you have on your computer?

PM: All the music I have is on my computer. After a quick check, it turns
out I have 1.8GB in /home/patrick/Music/, 100MB
in /home/patrick/midifiles/, and 2.3GB in /media/windows/sin mas
bol/Music/. This is mostly stuff by other artists; I think about 200MB
of it is my own work.

CS: Would you see a smashed coca-cola bottle as art or as plain trash?

PM: It depends how it was smashed or where it was smashed. If I saw it on
the street, I'd think it was trash. If It was smashed on a display, I'd
think it was some kind of art.

CS: What bothers you most of all?

PM:When I wake up at 17:00 or some time at night, and then have to fix my
sleep pattern.

CS: Your webcomic "The adventures of Epicenter" has been on the net
for a while. Does it have many readers?

PM: I think it has a few people who check up on it once or twice a month.
Though I haven't updated it since October; I've been kind of lazy.

CS: Why did you ever start up with it?

PM: I started it to get at a guy I had been annoying over AIM, who went by
the name "epicenter713". He eventually blocked me, and I had no way to
annoy him any more! So I made a webcomic about him, knowing that he'd
see it (because at the time we hanged around on the same forums). This
would be the new way to get at him. Since then, though, we stopped being
enemies and I kept working on the comic any way, because it was good

CS: Do you put in hints of your everyday activities into the works of
your webcomics?

PM: Yep, sometimes. For example, I recently became a Linux user, and I made
an episode in which a character in the comic goes to a Linux user's
convention and pisses off Linus Torvalds.

CS: Prefer comics in front of books?

PM: I like them equally.

CS: What future projects do you have planned?

PM: I'm planning to some time make another episode of my comic, and make a
couple of albums of music.

CS: Thank you for this interview?

PM: Thank you very much.

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