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Interview of shesaysletsgo

She makes art. Shes a Canadian. She got a blog. She is quite secret but funny. She is Eva. I interviewed her because I just felt for doing that. Read it. Now.

Cap_scaleman: With your art, is it somekind of standalong art or only art you have made on demand for business? In either case, what is your basic aesthetics for your art? Do you follow any certain artmovement?

Shesaysletsgo: most of my recent art, is made for occupational purposes. i make concert posters for a venue out of Burlington Vermont, and do comissions for various people whom discover my art via word of mouth, or through friends, my website (when it's in a more working condition) and various online art communities i take part in, or have taken part in. i hate to admit that - because i'd much rather prefer making art more for myself than for anyone else. i think it's important for an artist to create constantly. to never stop trying new methods of creation- which is most likely why my art is constantly evolving. or i at least like to think it is.

CS: What is the most important task for you to achieve, in any kind of field?

SSLG: you've kind of lost me with this question's so vast.
i think the most important task, perhaps..for myself anyhow, is to never give up. to push yourself as hard as you can, and achieve the best results you can, no matter the situation that presents itself in front of you.

CS: In terms of perfection, what is perfection for you? Are you interested
in others perfection aswell and would you listen to people who have
viewpoints on your "perfection"?

SSLG: perfection is impossible. nothing is perfect. i'm not perfect, you're not perfect. to say you are, or to tell someone else they are, in my opinion is a sheer sign of vanity. and as much as people might think vanity is attractive, it really isn't. having said that, i don't really care what anyone else might say in regards to myself and perfection. because i'm not perfect and i'd likely be one of the first people to admit it. i make mistakes constantly and i love myself more for that. it makes me human.

CS: Do you find it interesting to study social situation by everyday
situations or by reading books on the subject?

SSLG: a little of both?
social situations are mandatory for human existence. even people terrified of large crowds et cetera benefit from facing their fears and coming to terms with at least moderate social interaction. at least i think so. reading books on social interaction - can be fun..but who wants to read it all the time, when they could be an avid participant?

CS: Do you think integrity is something important to maintain, as your
blog is not very revealing of your life? In either case, are you a
very secret and silent person?

SSLG: i don't reveal a lot on my life all at once. but over time, i've revealed a lot more about myself through my journal than most likely realize. if i am ever confronted with a question concering my life - i have no qualms with explaining things or my situation. however, i am admittedly cautious about who and what i talk to. call me careful, it wouldn't be a lie. i wouldn't necessairly call myself a secret and silent person - but i definitely push off an aura of... what is it you call me? "mysterious". it's no fun telling everyone everything all the time.

CS: Are you interested in what other people write on their journals and
HOW they write it? What kind of blogging-style makes you eager to read
the most?

SSLG: of course i am interested in what other people write in their journals. if i wasn't my journal would be private, i'd have no livejournal friends, and i wouldn't spend as much time as i do reading everyone's entries and replying. what most people on my friends list don't realize is that i spend a lot of insomnia clad evenings reading old entries from various friends journals. i find reading the past, can aid me in understanding someone - since this is all an online thing, and i don't have the fortunate ability to have in depth personal conversations with a lot of the people i am friendly with online.

CS: What do you think about being interviewed? Is it scary?

SSLG: it's not scary, i've been interviewed before. i do however dislike answering lots of questions - which makes this interview good, because you've only asked me like 9 questions.

CS: Do you got a persona or is it really you out there?

SSLG: while persona's can be fun...
my journal, is me. i don't see any reason in being anything but 100% myself on the internet. i've had some bad expierences with people who were not themselves, if anything - it's taught me not to trust too much. though, i admit to trusting a lot more of the people i talk to on livejournal, as opposed to anywhere else on the world wide web.

CS: Thank you for this interview?

SSLG: no stellan, thank you. :)


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