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Interview 02.13.06

First of all, if you haven't already friended autokrater, what in the heck is wrong with you? Those of you who are curious to find out may read the interview below. And you shall repent...

SL: First of all, where the heck is Anthony?

KIL: Anthony lives like 15 minutes from my house in real life..on the internet he has a livejournal which is wildteenageboyz

SL: How did you discover livejournal, and what makes you stick around?

KIL: I discovered livejournal when I was a really really really super un-cool teenager in my senior year of high school.Sometimes I wonder why I stick around..when it's like picture post and art post,one after the other.Livejournal is soooo like what i am all into and obsessed with at the moment though.Like go back in my journal 20 entries and there might be a slightly different feeling to the pictures..or art,music,kind of place i want to live or party i wish i could have.I totally like a lot of my friend's journals as well and they keep me up to date on fashion/conspiracy theories/photography/politicssss

SL: The format and tone of your posts is fairly consistent. Were there any ljs you saw in your early days here that inspired you as far as what kind of content you put on your own journal?

KIL: I remember seeing this one person's journal a long long time ago and thinking how rad it was that they used it not only as a place to talk about their day and ect.But they used it for ideas and art and pictures/photos...I think it was wolfhunt even though back then she was like puma something rather..not sure.It made me want to like put all my ideas and art in there.Now I am getting to the point where I am selling things off of it and I want to document my life with it..through tapes/video collages/performance shit.

SL: Did you draw and create music and other art before you had access to the Internet? How has immersion in this interactive medium affected your creative process? Do you think you've made different choices based on the peer group you've found on the Internet?

KIL: I know for sure that I made music and art beforehand..but it was really only influenced by what I would see in expensive books and magazines.the internet gives you access to a lot for free.I don't have to go out to some hidden hipster bookstore and look at fresh art..I can just browse my friend's page.It is really that easy.I have totally been influenced by little websites/pictures here and there.There was also a point in time a year and a half ago maybe..that the internet was like my only connection to anything making me happy.It sounds super sad but it's true.I have made many choices in the music that I listen to based on blogs/mp3 blogs/small record label websites/webzines.It's much easier to find that other "cool" person stuck in a small town somewhere,just like yourself,when you have the internet.

SL: Does the response to your live shows as chico y chico differ from how people react to your music online? If so, which audience is more positive? How would you account for that?

KIL: Hmm..this is like a really interesting question.All the good chico y chico shows involve people dancing..and that is always a plus,cause if makes you wanna put the volume higher and scream and dance more yourself.I think that there were many people who didn't really know what chico y chico was..and they wanted a demo from me cause they liked the pictures of us in those stupid spandex.However a lot of people that knew I was serious about it being "stoopid lo-fi pizza party music" seemed to enjoy it.But it works both ways.We have gotten shows from people hearing us on myspace and liking it and then when we have played it's been "TOO LOUD" and all this shit.But then we have gotten shows from people hearing us on myspace and they liked it a super lot.

SL: I know you have a MySpace profile and have uploaded a bunch of your music there. Do you find the kind of folks who stumble across you on MySpace differ from your friends on livejournal? How would you compare the two in terms of the size of the audience you reach through each?

KIL: Myspace is like something I totally detest but it's brought us like a lot of shows and it's brought me a lot of jobs with art/contacts.I think it's only like that because almost everybody has a myspace..even my fucking mom does now..i mean it's a bit ridiculous.We have a way bigger audience on myspace but I think maybe half of the people actually would like it live or like it at all.Our audience on livejournal is smaller but it's mostly all people who like it..because they seem to look into it more or "get it".It's way easy just to add some band on myspace cause you like their profile page and then comment with "you guys are sweet!"..It doesn't really mean they are into party anthems or total loudness.

SL: Are you actively seeking a record label, or are you happy to distribute your own work electronically? Do you see your online presence as a means to an end, or an end in itself? Do you think the Internet itself should be considered a medium?

KIL: Well chico y chico,my own music(puppy printz r everywhere) and our collective ritual band,slumber troll..are all coming out with releases on my friend hara-kari kitty's label.."blackk wainbow records"I can't imagine ever making a band website however and I see putting music up for free online a really awesome way to get people to discover you.I think in the future I will distribute a lot of my own music online..but I mean there is like something totally cool about distributing it online/then somebody liking it enough to want the cassette/cassette booklet artwork..for like $2 or whatever.I couldn't imagine making like a real cd or anything and being like "DUDE,$18.99 FOR THIS CD,YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A 30 SECOND SAMPLE OF IT WHEN YOU WIN A FREE DOWNLOAD EVERYTIME YOU BUY A COKE"..that is such bullshit.I think the internet should of course be considered a medium.I mean I basically have grown artistically through the internet..seriously.I think that releasing music through the iternet is the next "big" thing..not for mainstream shit obviously.It's really awesome to make a few songs in like two days,then upload them and anybody in the world with an internet connection can listen to them and be inspired/enjoy them or whatever.

SL: Why E.T.?

KIL: E.T is like something that I always wanted to happen to me.I had never seen the whole entire movie until this past summer.My parents would never let me watch it when I was little.I watched most of it at a slumber party once and then parts of it on tv through the years.I am not really obsessed with E.T himself or the characters..more so it's likeee a kid who has no real friends and he meets an alien who like totally understands him,as a person.Every time I would catch part of it on tv I would be like really sad and want to have my own otherwordly friend like that.I do believe in extraterrestrials for real..and all last summer I really wanted to be abducted.

SL: How should government work?

KIL: Government should be run by machines I think.It's the only way to make sure that everybody gets an equal amount and is treated fairly and just.But then again machines could be tampered maybe this is a stupid idea.Manowar on the other hand,can't be tampered with.If Manowar set up a basic constitution tomorrow and took control of our goverment by the end of tomorrow night..there is no doubt in my fucking mind that we would have a totally peaceful country.I mean Manowar has fought battles,they have dined with both metal kings and peasants,they have toured the world like so many times over,they know how to defend a woman..basically they are perfect.

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